The Hall family founded Hall Electric Supply Co., Inc. in 1941, prior to World War II as a service company repairing major appliances in the Metropolitan Boston area.

The commencement of World War II caused a severe shortage in the availability of all appliance parts and accessories. After the end of the war the Hall family approached many OEM factories requesting them to supply parts for our usage, and we became parts distributors for several companies [Easy, Thor, Savage and 1900 {Whirlpool} to name a few. This influx of distribution allowed us to expand our base and solicit new business.

In early 1950 we began the practice of marketing to service companies in the New England area. A telemarketing program was established and direst mailings to listed dealers also commenced. The service company was closed and concentration was with the selling of parts & accessories for appliances.

In 1954 the trade name of HESCO was adopted [short for Hall Electric Supply Co., Inc.].

Our growth pattern continued and HESCO expanded to national sales. In 1986 our first computers came on board and all personnel was trained in their usage. This year also saw the arrival of Kevin Hall and in no time he became HESCO’S good will ambassador and his knowledge of the industry, both domestic and commercial, expanded HESCO’S exposure in the industry.

After several moves HESCO settled in the City of Stoneham MA about 10 miles outside of the Boston market. This new location gave us access to all traffic North, South, East & West of the Boston market and in doing so our counter business doubled in all types of sales.

In 2002 our web site was established and with the cooperation of our new web master the expansion and diversification of the site occurred. We are still not where we want to go but we will eventually allow ordering on line.

We can provide services to you, your company or organization via the power of technology via phone, web or other options. We invite you to call or e-mail HESCO with your needs and let us respond and then you can determine whether we are the vendor of the future for your company or organization. We have strived for “65” years to satisfy our clientele in our industry and look forward to assisting you and your organization in actualizing your vision for the future and help increase your productivity and success for the millennium.

To accomplish great things and ideas, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. [Anatole France]

We are a family business with three generations already and the fourth generation is on the horizon.

HESCO, founded in 1941, and continuing to service our customers in the New Millennium.