How to Buy A Quality Blender For Your Food and Shakes

Blenders are versatile gadgets that you can find in the kitchen. It can do the job of a host of other kitchen tools such as a food processor, a juicer and even a coffee maker. You see, blenders are powerful enough to mash vegetables and fruits and turn it into purees like what a food processor does. It can make juices, cocktails and smoothies like with your ordinary juicer.

It can even grind coffee beans and give you brewed coffee. This versatility is the reason why some people who don’t have the budget or those who don’t have enough space buy a blender instead of buying other kitchen tools. After all why would you need several equipment for your food and drinks when you can use only one.

If you don’t have blenders at home up until now, you are missing a lot especially in terms of creating healthy food and drinks for you and your family. People who subscribe to specific diet plans or those who have turned vegetarians swear by the usefulness of this gadget. So, you should buy now. Here are some tips on how to find a good blender.

1. Go with the best

One of the best blender brands in the market today is the Oster. The company has been known in the field that blenders are often called osterizers the same way that you sometimes refer to sodas as Coke. If you have the money to spare, buy this brand as it is known for being sturdy. This is especially true if you are going to make shakes every time which necessitates crushing hard ice.

The same goes with crushing coffee beans. While other blenders will have a hard time doing this, the Oster will not have problem. But if you are going to use the blender for only making purees or juices, you can probably settle for the cheaper brands that are also good. Just remember not to overdo crushing of ice just in case.

2. Buy new ones

Although used blenders can last a long time, it is good to buy new ones instead. At least, when you buy something that nobody has used before, you can be sure that nothing has happened to it yet. Besides with so much use, the motor can also bog down. However, if you are sure that the second hand blender has not been used often, then it will probably be a good buy. Just check the product and make sure that there are no cracks in the container and the stainless steel blades are in good shape.

3. Ask for the power

When I say power here, it does not refer to the electricity or the outlet. Different blenders will have different types. One will have a more powerful motor than the other. So when you buy, make sure that you ask this question. The type of blender that you will have to buy will depend on the way you will use it.

For instance, if you are going to make purees or use it to crush veggies and fruits that are soft, a blender with les power is already ok with you. However, if you plan to crush ice with it and make shakes, a model that is more powerful is the better choice.

A Short List of Leading Blenders in the Market

If only Stephen Poplawski could see how useful the best blenders are at this point in time, he would have been proud at his invention. He made this kitchen appliance in 1922. The idea was simple. He used a tall container and placed a blade at its bottom. He intended to use this to create soda fountain drinks.

And now, with the continuous advancement in technology, many variations of blenders have been introduced in the market. Now this electric appliance isn’t only for soda fountain. This can create a lot, from juices, to mixing anything as ingredient to different foods, crushing ice, even to create combinations for medicinal purposes.

Here are some of the commercially available brands that you can choose from. Here’s a proof that blenders have really advanced since Poplawski’s invention.

1. Cuisinart Smart Power 7-Speed Chrome Blender

This appliance may be little. But this has 350W of blending ability. Its blender jar comes in a pretty size of 40 oz. You can choose to have your blender in either white or chrome finish. The beauty of this is that you can crush eyes even if you don’t add more liquid with its 7 speed settings.

2. Back to Basics Personal Blender

For those who are looking for affordability more than the look and capability, this product will be your best choice. Its motor is 350W. Its container can hold up to 24oz. This is ideal if you will only do single serving of your creation like the smoothies.

3. Braun PowerMax Jug Blender

If you have a need for blenders on your business, this brand is most appropriate. For one, this can hold up to 58 oz in its container. There are also handy holes in its feature. These were intended for the user to be able to add some liquid while in the process of blending. This is being run by 525W motor power.

4. Braun Hand Held Blender

This is elegant, handy and very useful. This will also free up some space on your counter or cabinets in the kitchen. This stand blender runs at 400W motor power. It comes with attachments like the whisk, chopper and many more. You can mount this easily on any available space on your kitchen like the wall or at the side of your working table.

5. Black and Decker Crush Master

Its 475W motor power is all revved up to crush whatever it is that you want to be done. Its feature is also flexible. There are 10 settings for speed. The blender canister can hold up to 48 ounces. There is also a 2 oz measuring cup at its lid. This is ideal for adding whatever you want in the mix in such small amounts.

6. Bosch Porche Designer Stand Blender

This is stylish. For one, its container isn’t glass. But it is stylish with more than just the style. It is being run by 450W of motor power. Its jug can hold up to 6-cups of any liquid.

The list above is only partial. There are a lot that claim that they belong in the best blenders category. But if you really want to do so, you have to earn the good reputation.
Just like the samples above, these brands went out of the usual blenders feature. They were attention grabbing and they were also able to integrate quality with good design.

Comparison Between Food Processors and Blenders


Blenders are gadgets that one cannot do without in the kitchen. It is a big help especially in preparing food and drinks for your family. You can even use it when you organize a party in your home. You can mash vegetables and create purees, crush ice and fruits and turn them into shakes, it can even make coffee by helping crush coffee beans. Most chefs also love their blenders because it can crush hard spices that may be bitter to taste when eaten.

What they do instead is turn these spices into powder which can easily dissolve into the food. That way, they will not only get rid of the bitter taste, they will be able to incorporate the flavor into the dish easily.

Blenders however are often mistaken as a food processor. In fact, a lot of people do not actually know the difference between the two except that one is smaller than the other. In general, blenders and food processors overlap in their functions. Being versatile kitchen gadgets, each can also do the other’s job except that of course, it will not be done as brilliantly as when the one with specialty does it.

Blenders are great with liquids, making juices, smoothies, and margaritas. It is often used to mix several liquids. In fact, it is also called a liquidizer. Its blade can turn up to the speed of 18000 revolutions per minute. If you want your food to purely turn into liquid, the blender is the answer. Blenders are great with making purees, in grinding food into little pieces. It is especially useful in mixing alcoholic concoction and fruit shakes. It can also chop ice although not all models are powerful enough to do this. The blender is also use to smooth and emulsify sauces as well as chop ingredients for dishes.

Food processor on the other hand work on solids and can give you semi-solid foods. Between the two, the food processor is often considered as the more versatile as it can also liquefy something when the settings and time allowance are set. With its interchangeable blades and disks, you can use the food processor in a variety of ways. It can for instance chop ingredients for your dish, slice veggies, shred cabbage for your salad and also make purees for your little tot.

In baking, a food processor is also a huge help as it can help with the mixing of ingredients, kneading the bread dough as well as grinding bread crumbs for your crust. You can even make sure of a strainer which can separate the juice from the solid. There are manual food processors and there are electric. Most models will run in a specific speed. You cannot adjust it anymore.

Whether you buy a blender or a food processor for your home will depend on what you are planning to do with it. If you will use it primarily for cooking, the food processor is the better choice as it can help you in baking and in preparing the ingredients such as chopping, slicing and mincing.

If however, you are buying one to make healthy shakes for you and your family, stick to the blender as it is its job in the first place. If you want to prepare both food and drinks, the food processor is perhaps the better choice.

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Food Processing Business

Starting a food processing business takes ample amount of time and effort, yet it is an image many individuals. It is considered to be one of the best ways to make a large quantity of profit however it is needed to have apt info and understanding about food processing companies in Australia.

Here are numerous factors to consider:

Type of food

First, it is important to decide exactly what kind of food is to be produced or manufactured. There are prepared made meals, sweets, powdered mixes, soft drinks and so forth. Marketing research can be performed to make the best decision.


Depending on the type of business, it is essential to get the licenses for the components and the products to be manufactured and dispersed.

Funds: Another vital aspect consists of the funds to rent the building, purchase devices, raw materials and so forth. Big warehouse space is required for the manufacture of products. It is likewise essential to purchase the best equipment for the business to prosper and thrive.

Buyers for the fruit and vegetables

Conduct extensive market research to evaluate if the business will survive. Conduct research on potential buyers and sellers of raw materials and products. If you are planning to begin a cheese factory, make sure that there are journal products around the location which will help within the production of cheese and other dairy items.

Health guidelines

Before starting a business, it is essential to have the health inspectors check the factory properties so that they can provide the clearance for marketing. This is a critical element in the food processing business. Periodic inspections are likewise performed by the authorities to guarantee tidiness and hygiene. Following the standards of the health department is necessary.


It is also essential to make sure that the packaging is FDA approved. It must also be appealing and safe to save food products. So before starting a business, it is needed to figure out the kind of plan and its look.


An online website will likewise enhance your business as it includes a list of all the items available in the store. It also displays the store place, costs, contact information etc.

Circulation business

It is also important to get in touch with the circulation companies in the location so that the food produced is offered out. Food circulation companies buy wholesale products and offer it to retail companies. By calling this distribution business, it is much easier to make the business grow.

It needs hard work and effort to begin a food processing business. Both suppliers and purchasers are essential for activity. A considerable quantity of funds is also necessary to set up the store of your choice. However, it is thought about to be among the most rewarding and successful company out there.